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    Coleman & Company - Demolition contractor and associated services

    Health & Safety

    We passionately believe that no one should be harmed as a result of coming to work.

    We strive to reduce to a reasonably practicable level safety and occupational health risks associated with the tasks we undertake, which is why we have invested in a professional and highly experienced senior management team and put in place management systems and procedures accredited by BSI to ISO 18001.

    However, our strong commitment to employee welfare goes well beyond our minimum legal requirements and deals with not just physical wellbeing but emotional wellbeing too. For example;

    • Training provides essential knowledge but, it’s also a springboard to development and can deliver aspirations for personal growth which is something we look to promote.
    • Every employee has access to health screening in addition to the compulsory occupational health screening requirements place upon us.
    • Against a background of rising costs of optical and dental care, and less financial support from the NHS, we provide every employee with free access to a medical cash plan that enables them to recover a significant part of any cost associated with treatment.
    • We provide every employee with access to free life assurance cover, and a jointly funded stakeholder pension to mitigate some of the worries associated with making financial provisions for their and their families’ future(s).