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    Coleman & Company - Demolition contractor and associated services

    Quality & Environmental

    We are committed to a process of continuously assessing the environmental impact of what we do and looking for ways to improve our environmental performance. We have in place management systems and procedures accredited by BSI to ISO 14001 to deliver this.

    Waste Management
    Our Group Chairman David Coleman was an original stakeholder in the Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP) and for a time advised the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister on issues which led to the introduction of Site Waste Management Plans in England and Wales. We are considered leaders in the recovery and re-use of demolition arisings’, as a consequence of our approach to segregating materials at source and our investment in mobile crushing and screening operations to produce high quality recycled aggregates.

    Accredited Procedures
    We also have invested heavily in a professional and highly experienced senior management team that manages our quality system and procedures accredited by BSI to ISO 9001. These ensure we always have suitably qualified and experience people operating within an agreed safe system of work, using plant and equipment that has been tested, inspected and is fit for purpose under the supervision of non working Site Managers and Supervisors.