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    Coleman & Company - Demolition contractor and associated services


    Our ongoing investment in a modern fleet of equipment, exploits technological advances that significantly improve safety, reduce environmental impact whilst improving efficiency. 

    We have one of the largest fleets of specialist plant and equipment in the UK, servicing our nationwide operations. We have a strict maintenance policy, our equipment is regularly maintained, kept in good working order, ensuring the highest levels of safety and efficiency. 

    We are investing heavily in modern, safe fuel efficient plant and equipment that is friendly to the environment. Low emissions and a modern look all back up what the Coleman brand is all about. 

    Collaborative working with plant, machinery and attachment manufacturers has also enabled us to develop unique capabilities, particularly in the: 
    • Reduction of employee exposure to whole body vibration. 
    • Production of high quality, cost effective, recycled aggregates.
    Presenting well maintained clean plant, in what are hostile environments, is an essential part of the professional services that we provide.