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    High Reach Demolition


    By utilising the latest high reach demolition technologies, leading contractors like Coleman & Company can demolish high rise structures more efficiently and more safely than ever before. Through years of innovation, experience and continued investment, we have developed a range of solutions to meet what our clients consider to be their most daunting - and tallest - of projects.

    Never a ‘one size fits all’ approach

    Coleman & Company’s directly employed UK workforce has pioneered new designs and working practices for various industry-standard high reach demolition machines. The expertise of our teams is backed by a fleet of modern, well-equipped plant that has multiple configurations of reach, weight of tool and structure being demolished.

    To guarantee safety, detailed project appraisals, risk analysis and mitigation strategies are always developed, and ground investigation and structural surveys are also included as standard. Our engineers use tools such as 3D models and AutoCAD to map out every detail, and the sequence of demolition ensures lateral stability is maintained.  

    Our method has been tried and tested and we have an extensive portfolio including high-rise, multi-storey structures such as
    Tower Blocks , office blocks, chimneys, masts and silos.  

    More information?  

    If you want to know more about what makes Coleman & Company a leading high reach demolition company,  please contact us on +44 (0)121 325 2424 or email contracts@coleman-co.com.  

    For more guidance on high reach demolition, read this post from our Group Managing Director, Mark Coleman.